What Kids’ Education Experts Think

Having spent many years developing educational games for children, I believe the best pedagogy is built around content that engages the learner – needless to say, chocolate chip cookies are highly engaging!

-Antonia Kohl, Former Executive Producer, LeapFrog / Co-Founder, Mighty Play

Using pop culture references to educate kids is a great way to grab and hold their attention.  Real, long-lasting learning can occur when kids are interested and engaged with a item (they love!) being used to expand their knowledge.  Between Susie’s passion for teaching combined with her food expertise, and kids love for chocolate chip cookies, it’s a very fun and delicious win-win situation!

-Rachel Flores, Communication Specialist, UCLA

Thanks again for bringing such cool new program ideas to the Danville Library! They’ve all been very successful.

-Danville Library Community Program Manager

 Blown. Away. In my past life, I  was a Montessori teacher for children ages 3-6 for four years. I then designed my own performing and visual arts curriculum and taught that to children ages 3-12. I am a huge fan and believer in what you are doing. This will appeal tremendously to teachers and admin. I also worked for Pearson for nearly 6 years, and as you know, 21st Century Skills and STEM are today’s hot topic with districts. You’ve got this. Brava!-Kickstarter contributor

Thoughts From Parents

I have 2 sons and I applaud the attempt to integrate academic topics across disciplines which I think your project wonderfully reflects. Once it is out, I completely see it flourishing in that arena.

Thank You From Students

How great to get thank you notes from kids, who shared their feedback on what they learned about the cookie and what they want to know more about.

thank you notes from kids