The Vision

We want to create books, educational programs, lesson plans and interactive experiences, all based on deconstructing the chocolate chip cookie. Our approach is flexibility for after school, home school (2.2 million kids), or unschooling.

Thanks to some generous Kickstarter contributors, the Chocolate Chip Cookie School book is now in print!

Recipe for Smart Cookies

3 Cs: Chocolate Chip Cookies

mix it with

5 Cs of good chraracter: curiosity, courage, caring,

Evenly stir in:

Critical thinking, to taste

Lay out a team and business idea using design thinking*


*available in most international schools; but really, design thinking is a process some of our favorite consumer goods companies use to:

  • empathize
  • synthesize the input from the empathy phase
  • prototype a first draft of whatever it is
  • test with the customer
  • iterate on the ideas, based on test results

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