Chocolate Chip Cookie School book cover
Here’s the book that goes with the activities. Enjoy!

Download free printables for the Chocolate Chip Cookie School book

Cookie Cost Calculator Spreadsheet (Google Doc)

This is a work in progress and I would love input on the format and anything else.


map the chocolate chip cookie ingredientsChocolate Chip Cookie School – Ingredients Map (PDF) – page 34

Activity: Draw the journey of each chocolate chip cookie ingredients across the world, using the timelines and stories from the Chocolate Chip Cookie School book.


cookie bakesale checklist printableCookie Bakesale Checklist (PDF) – page 64

Activity: Plan a cookie bake sale using tips and knowledge from Part 2 of the Chocolate Chip Cookie School book. The sale can be to test a real business idea or to raise money, and done as a solo activity or as a group. 

Fun Trader Joe’s Cookie Comparison & Tasting (PDF)

Activity:  This is a perfect activity for a class or group of kids to learn “critical thinking through cookies”—for real! This PDF includes leader / teacher instructions and printable handouts for the kids.

How do you decide which foods or products to choose from similar options?

As the kids compare, contrast, and taste 2 types of Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookies, these lessons can apply to food shopping in the real world.
Trader Joes cookie comparison project based exercise