Hello there! Here are some “top lists” about the Chocolate Chip Cookie School…and a few blurbs you can use to talk about what we’re up to. Thank you so very much!

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  • Can kids learn critical thinking by deconstructing the chocolate chip cookie? New Kickstarter project @cccookieschool http://bit.ly/smartcookiesbook
  • Kids design a chocolate chip cookie business for integrated learning, character & #21stCenturySkills @Kickstarter http://bit.ly/smartcookiesbook
  • The Chocolate Chip Cookie School helps kids develop critical thinking, character and curiosity by deconstructing America’s favorite treat. Can this work? On Kickstarter: http://bit.ly/smartcookiesbook
  • Imagine a world without chocolate chip cookies! Kids connect the crumbs to develop critical thinking, character and curiosity. http://bit.ly/smartcookiesbook

About the project (for email or articles)

The Chocolate Chip Cookie School has a simple goal: help kids aged 8-11 love learning and thrive.

How? Deconstruct America’s favorite treat into books and programs where kids plan a cookie business, examining and thinking deeply about every aspect of the cookie, its ingredients, production etc. Aligned with current education trends in teaching real-world, character building skills and integrated learning, the fun interactive nature of How to Make Smart Cookies will make learning feel like play. Mindfulness and empathy will naturally emerge from the kids’ detective-like activities as they understand who and what goes into a cookie…it’s a whole lot more than a tasty treat from a package!

The so-called 21st Century Skills will prep kids for life and work in a connected world where collaboration and design thinking are just as, or more, valuable than classic academic knowledge.

About Founder Susie Wyshak

Oakland, California-based Susie Wyshak combined her inspiration helping her niece and nephew make cookies with her background coaching kids, involvement with sustainable food, and writing Good Food, Great Business (Chronicle Books, 2014) to produce the Chocolate Chip Cookie School. A social entrepreneur at heart, Susie launched a Kickstarter campaign with a vision of this project building a team of education and kids’ publishing experts.