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Can the chocolate chip cookie become a 21st century learning tool? We think so! Envision kid detectives analyzing…

  • What had to happen for the cookie to come to be? Who was involved?
  • What happened after the chocolate chip cookie was created?
  • And what future can kids create, whether cookie related or not?

Now, imagine the critical thinking and character building that can emerge from answering such questions.


The Author, Susie Wyshak

What happens when “making chocolate chip cookies” tops your list of things that make you happy? If you’re Susie, you teach your niece and nephew to make cookies.

Then when they ask about all the ingredients history and cookie chemistry, you realize how cookies are an incredibly fun way to learn math, history, social science, English, etc. You put your nose to the grindstone, put your eggs in one basket and take what you’ve learned from being a strategist, food marketer and sourcer, a kids’ writer coach and authoring a “how to start a food business” book (Good Food, Great Business) to create the CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE SCHOOL!

That’s my journey, and I hope you join me in the next chapter in cookie history and education.

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Here’s some backstory along with a little melodrama intro. 🙂