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Can the chocolate chip cookie become a 21st century learning tool? We think so! Envision kid detectives analyzing…

  • What had to happen for the cookie to come to be? Who was involved?
  • What happened after the chocolate chip cookie was created?
  • And what future can kids create, whether cookie related or not?

Now, imagine the critical thinking and character building that can emerge from answering such questions.

Testing out the material in school.
Testing out the material in school.

The Vision

We want to create books, educational programs, lesson plans and interactive experiences, all based on deconstructing the chocolate chip cookie. Our approach is flexibility for after school, home school (2.2 million kids), or unschooling.

Thanks to some generous Kickstarter contributors, our first book will be How to Make Smart Cookies, a fun, project-based cookie business book for kids around age 10-11.

Feedback on the idea: Blown. Away. In my past life, I ¬†was a Montessori teacher for children ages 3-6 for four years. I then designed my own performing and visual arts curriculum and taught that to children ages 3-12. I am a huge fan and believer in what you are doing. This will appeal tremendously to teachers and admin. I also worked for Pearson for nearly 6 years, and as you know, 21st Century Skills and STEM are today’s hot topic with districts. You’ve got this. Brava!


Here’s some backstory along with a little melodrama intro. :)